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The 5 Best Ways to Smoke Weed

Here are the 5 best ways to smoke weed according to my personal preference. Enjoy



Vaporizers don’t technically count as smoking devices but they are favorite thing in the world. They are like the Lamborghini of weed devices. You can control the temps with precision and I find them to get me really high without having to burn much of the plant matter. Unfortunately you’ll probably never see one because they are so rare. Nobody wants to throw down the six hundred up front cost. And most other outlet vaporizers are cheap Chinese garbage. Or you could just pickup a handheld vaporizers but most are made for concentrate so it’s not often you find a great herbal vaporizer that doesn’t cost a lot. And for these reasons glass bongs come in at very close 2nd.

Volcano’s are the by far the best vaporizer out there!!!!

2. Glass Bongs


Many people prefer bongs over everything else because you can take such gnarly rips. The smoke gets nice and cool (from the water) for your lungs. Not to mention all the sophisticated percolator designs out there. But if you’re looking for a cheap bong you also have some surprisingly decent options thanks to China. Although if you can you should pick up some Made in America glass because it’ll usually be of higher quality.

3. Pipes


Pipes are great to pass around but i’ll prefer a bong any day. The only reason they can be better than bongs is because you can take them anywhere. And plus their are some really cool designs out there that are worth checking out if you want to go this option.



The best option if you want to leave no trace of smoking. In my opinion they use a lot of weed for a mediocre amount of high. And plus they fuck up your throat That’s why I only smoke Js and Bs when i’m on the go or smoking with a group of people.

5.Waterfall Gravity Bong


The best option for people who have no money to spend on new smoking gear. They get you really high from minuscule amounts of weed. Great way to stretch the lifespan of your buds. The only thing that sucks about these is the negative stigma. People tend to think they are a  ghetto way to smoke but in reality they work great and save you lots of bud.

Full guide for building one of these monsters!


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