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Smoke Buddy Review – 2017

smoke buddy review

I’m sure many of you have used a sploof at some point in your life. (a sploof is a toilet paper roll filled with laundry sheets that you blow the smoke through). While sploofs are able to somewhat mask the smell, you are still left with the stoney aroma.

Incense is also an option to mask the smell of cannabis. But again, you are only masking the smell, not getting rid of it completely.

SmokeBuddy is a product that claims to be able to completely eliminate the smell of marijuana smoke indoors. I hope you enjoy this smoke buddy review!

How Does the SmokeBuddy Work?


The Smokebuddy contains activated charcoal that absorbs/neutralizes particles in the smoke. when you take a hit, just exhale the smoke directly through the smokebuddy.

So, unlike a typical laundry sheet sploof, this device actually absorbs the smoke instead of masking it.

The real question is, does it work the way it’s supposed to?

From my personal experience, absolutely yes it works great.

You won’t be able to smoke joints or blunts though because the cherry burns in between hits. I’ve found that pipes and bongs are perfect for the smokebuddy. You can put out the bowl right away so there is no smoke created except for what you inhale.

Drawbacks of the Smokebuddy

unfortunately the smokebuddy does not last forever. You’ll get about 300 hits of complete filtration before it’s useless. That’s still quite a lot of worry-free smoking sessions and the smokebuddy does not cost a whole lot of money.

Another drawback is that they can get clogged. I’ve never had this happen to me but have heard from many people that this is an issue. If you have this problem, the solution is to simply blow through the other side.  Many people think you are only supposed to blow through one side but it really doesn’t matter.

Another tip to keep in mind, Do not store this product with the caps on. It will trap moisture inside which will decrease the effectiveness of the charcoal absorbing ability over time.

Alternative to the Smokebuddy

smoke buddy review

The best alternative to the smokebuddy is definitely the sploofy. These two products are basically identical but have one big difference.

When your sploofy stops working you can simply replace the filter which only costs around $5. The smokebuddy must be completely replaced when it goes bad.

I’ve also heard people say that the smokebuddy is harder to blow through than the sploofy which is definitely true in my experience.


Smokebuddy Jr.

150 Hits usage

cost: $9

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Smokebuddy (regular)

300 Hits usage

cost: $12

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300 Hits usage

cost: $20

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I hope you enjoyed this smoke buddy review and feel free to leave a comment about which one you think is the best! If you’d like to see more content like this smoke buddy review, be sure to bookmark this website and check back soon.

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