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The 5 Best Joint Rollers

The best joint roller for you depends on what size rolling paper you prefer. Here is a list of the best joint rollers based on quality and roll-ability with a variation of paper sizes so that you can find the right one for your needs. Because lets be honest, they are all basically the same.


 joint roller

Raw joint rollers are made from hemp plastic and double thick vinyl with high tensile strength. Plus they’re not from China! And they work with king size (110 mm) papers so make sure you buy the right ones if you get this roller.


joint roller

Zig Zag makes a good joint roller for smaller size papers. 78 mm to be exact so if you like decent sized joints that aren’t quite king size, then this one will get the job done.


joint roller

This one rolls with 70 mm papers so it’s perfect for conservative weed smokers. Sometimes you just don’t have a lot of money to spend on pot. Or maybe big joints get you way to high. That’s okay, the Top roller will work great for you.


joint roller

The 12″ roller is great for special occasions and parties when you really want to blow down some ganja flamboyantly but most people probably won’t use this one too often due to how much weed it takes to roll a joint this big. You’ll need some special papers for this thing too that your local gas station will not carry.

5.Juicy Jay’s

joint roller

This one is NOT a joint roller. But if you can’t roll joints, then you probably can’t roll blunts either so it seemed important to make this one to this list.


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