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How to Smoke Shatter

If you want to learn how to smoke shatter, follow this guide and pick which method is best for you. (skip to #2 if you can’t afford glass)



1.Use a Dab Rig

Dab rigs are made for concentrates such as oil, wax, and shatter. Rigs are great because the concentrate burns at a temperature so high that the product does not combust but rather vaporizes, and the result is a very clean hit. This is done by heating up the nail with a torch and then placing product onto the nail. The product will instantly vaporize and you can suck all that vapor through the rig and percolators into your lungs.


One consideration to make when purchasing a rig is what type of nail it comes with.

Nails come in  titanium, ceramic, and quartz.


Titanium heats up semi quickly and retains heat quite well. These nails will never break on you.

Ceramic takes longer to heat up but retains that heat longer than titanium. They are prone to heat stress and cracking if overheated.

Quartz heat up very easily but don’t retain heat as well as ceramic or ti. And they can break more easily from heat stress.


Depending on the design, your rig may come with a dome which covers the area around the nail to prevent vapor from getting away during a dab. The dome is placed over the nail after the nail has been heated. A carb cap can also prevent vapor escape by being placed over a domeless nail while dabbing. (see carb caps below)


There are several varieties of nails to choose from.

The bucket/ banger nail.

how to smoke shatterbucketnailScreen_Shot_2015-09-16_at_11.50.36_AM_1024x1024

The Classic nail.

how to smoke shatterhow to smoke shatter

The Castle nail.

how to smoke shatter

The Honey Hole nail.

how to smoke shatter

Reclaim Catcher

Some rigs come with reclaim catchers or you can get an external one seperately HERE. They collect all of the unused concentrate that drips downward from the nail. You can then collect and smoke the reclaim that builds up over time.

how to smoke shatter


Dabbers are tools used to place the concentrate onto the hot nail.

how to smoke shatter

Carb Caps

Some also have carb caps which are only meant for domeless nails. The carb cap can be placed on top of the nail during a hit to prevent vapor from floating away.

how to smoke shatter

Types of Percolators

Percolators are used to diffuse the cloud of smoke into a smoother, more manageable hit. Unfortunately the more diffusion you have in a rig, the more flavor you lose and more oil will get clogged inside the perc over time.

most people prefer more flavor so less diffusion is actually better. Although the hit will be harsher.

To compare and decide which Percolator is best for you: GO HERE

Torch- Butane vs Propane

Propane torches can be bought cheaply in hardware stores. The only problem is that propane burns way hotter than butane. And it is much easier to crack nails from over heating. Butane torches work well and are the best one of the two.


Ultimately the decision comes down to personal preference and you have to decide whats right for you.

My favorite glass shops if you don’t have access to local glass which support the people around you: HERE and HERE and HERE


How to smoke Shatter with a Dab Rig

First you gotta get a chunk off of the slab of shatter.  Some people use a dabber tool to break off a piece. You can hold a piece of paper in front of the slab when doing this to catch anything that shatters off.

Or you can break a piece off with your two fingers over the area you want to make a cut.

Now either roll it in a ball or stick one end to the tip of the dabber.

Use a torch to heat up the nail by making direct contact until it is just starting to glow.

Put dome over nail if necessary

Then you can drop the glob onto the nail with or without the dabber tool

Put carb cap onto nail if necessary

Inhale all that goodness.


If you want to learn some other ways on how to smoke shatter, follow the below. They are also good methods but in my opinion, not quite as good.


2. Sprinkle the Shatter over a Bowl

pack some weed in the bottom of the bowl so you have a nice cushion for the concentrate to sit on. Otherwise the concentrate will drip down into the pipe and not vaporize.


how to smoke shatter

3. Twax a Joint

This is how to smoke shatter with style!

Roll the concentrate into a long worm and twist it around the joint making sure that it sticks securely. Or you can put some right on the weed before rolling.

how to smoke shatterhow to smoke shatter

4. Mobile Vaporizer

Dab pens are electronic devices that turn you concentrate into vapor. They are very mobile and most ones can fit in your pocket.

how to smoke shatterhow to smoke shatter

Battery Life

Some Last for hours, some don’t.


Most dab pens charge with usb.

Quality Vape pens


4. Put a dab on the end of a Cigarette

If you smoke cigs then this an easy way to smoke shatter. It probably won’t taste good.



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