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How to Make a Bong out of a Plastic Bottle

You want to learn how to make a bong out of a bottle?  All you have to do is follow these super simple steps. For this guide, we will build a gravity bong because they get you as high as possible with very small amounts of weed.

This content is for medicinal or recreational LEGAL PURPOSES ONLY, therefore I AM NOT posting content pertaining to illegal activities. I am not liable for any harm done to you or others as this content is for educational purposes only. If you are going to make your own bong, please be safe and never inhale vapors from plastic or other harmful materials.


2 Liter water bottle or smaller






Container or Bucket filled with water that can fit bottle inside


Needle or something that can poke small hole into plastic


Gravity Bong Bowl  which works perfectly because they can just slide right into the mouth hole of the bottle. They are made of medical grade steel so no worries health wise!  more info here



How to Make a Bong out of a Bottle:

1. Take the Cap off of the bottle and slide in your new gravity bong bowl.


2. Now use your lighter to melt 2 pencil width holes in the bottom of the bottle.



(Make holes a little bigger than this if you notice that it drains too slowly)

-Experiment to find what works best. It’s only a $2 bottle!-


3. Fill up the bucket with and put in the water bottle. (make sure the bottle is full to the top with water when inside the bucket)



Congratz!!!!!!! You now know how to make a great bong

How to use Gravity Bong/Waterfall

Now that you have learned how to make a bong out of a bottle, we can finally get high with it!

1.Pack the gravity bong bowl full of weed… Prepare yourself to get stoned!


(read steps 2-5 completely before starting step 2 because they must all be done immediately right after each other)

2.Light the bowl while simultaneously pulling the bottle all the way out of the water. (smoke will go down into the bottle because the water that gushes out of the bottle will force new air in from the top hole)


(if smoke is not forcefully pushed down into the bottle, your holes might be either too large or too small)

3.Let 85% of the water drain out while making sure all the weed gets burned by torching the bowl if necessary

4.Take off the gravity bong bowl and place your mouth over the opening where the cap screws on.

(If all the water drains out before you get your mouth onto the opening then dip the bottle into the water and suck in a small amount)


(too much water in the bottle when you inhale and you will get a mouthful)

(not enough water in the bottle when you inhale and it will be dry and harsh)

5.Suck in the smoke.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 until baked. 🙂


Glass vs Plastic

I know many people who refuse to smoke out of plastic. It’s not the ideal choice and can leach chemicals into the smoke or effect the taste of each hit.

If that bothers you, don’t let that stop you from being able to smoke out of a gravity bong. These bongs are great at giving you a hard hitting smoking experience. The Gravitron is all glass and regarded by many as the best commercial gravity bong out there!

Gravitron 2013 (2)_0


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Did you find the process to make a bong simple? How is the smoking experience with this bong? Drop a comment and let everyone know!

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