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How to Keep Your Bong Clean

Have you ever smoked out of a dirty bong? It’s disgusting. In this article, you can learn exactly how to keep your bong clean easily.

Some stoners are just extremely lazy! But the thing is that keeping your bong clean is actually very easy to do.

Using Iso Alcohol and Epsom salt to clean a bong is talked about often but many people claim that it doesn’t work well enough to really get your bong clean.

Cleaning Your Bong

how to keep your bong clean

If you follow this guide properly, you’ll have a bong that is just like it was when brand new.

  1. 1.Remove the bowl from the bong
  2. 2.Empty out all the water
  3. 3.Fill the base with specialized cleaning solution. (get the best cleaning solution here)
  4. 4.Plug all holes so the solution does not leak out
  5. 5.Shake bong gently for about 2 minutes
  6. 6.Dump out solution and rinse bong with warm water 5-6 times.

Now your bong will be adequately clean so you can toke up without getting that nasty bong aftertaste.

Keeping Your Bong Clean

cleaning a bong

Unfortunately bongs can get dirty pretty fast, so learning how to keep your bong clean is important. A couple of different maintenance techniques are used to prevent the bong from getting dirty. The most popular way to prevent your bong from getting dirty is the lemon water trick.

All you have to do is put about 10 drops of lemon juice into the bong water right after it is freshly cleaned.

The lemon juice will act as a filter for particulate matter which will decrease residue build up. The bong water smell will also be greatly reduced.

This is by far the best method of how to keep your bong clean for the longest amount of time possible.