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How Much Are Bongs?

How much are bongs? The price for a bong depends on your budget. Many top of the line bongs offer more diffusion but you can find great bongs at any price point that offer advantages over any other smoking method.

The main purpose of a bong is to diffuse, filter, and cool the smoke before entering your lungs. This is done by pulling the smoke through water and Percolators.

There are many different types of percolators all with different qualities. Percolators with more diffusion give smoother hits and less diffusion gives more flavor. Please check out the Percolator guide HERE to see which one is best for your needs.

how much are bongs

The size of the bong is also important. You can get bubblers which are basically mini bongs that offer great portability and are very cheap.

And their are regular size bongs which don’t travel as well but offer more diffusion.

This is something to keep in mind while shopping for a new piece.


Bongs can be made of glass or plastic. It’s better to stay away from plastic even though they are cheap. Glass offers a superior taste and no chemical leaching which makes smoking much more enjoyable. And you can find many bongs that are glass at very good prices.

Although if you really don’t mind plastic, then you can just make a bong yourself pretty easily with this: GUIDE

How Much are Bongs?

Some examples


how much are bongs

$40- Quality glass blown in LA. Very portable. I think it looks cool. Very little diffusion with bubblers like this one though.  HERE


how much are bongs

$60- 6-arm Tree perc. Thick borosillicate glass. I’m not a big fan of the color design. But that is a nice perc size, not to mention the ice catcher. Remember to shop local if you can becuase local glass is better. It will probably have a premium price though.  HERE



$80- 3 stacked Honeycomb percs. Thick borosillicate glass. Honeycombs are nice because they don’t create a whole lot of drag so you can rip on it hard. And when you have 3 of them you’re definitely going to get smooth hits. HERE



$80- UFO perc. Easy to clean. Removable downstem. Ice catcher. Thick borosillicate glass. I honestly prefer clear glass so you can see the smoke but ufo percs are cool and this piece has a nice base size for a lot of smoke to build up.  HERE



$80-$100 – Large Stereo Matrix perc. Wide base, Thick borosillicate glass. Stereo percs are pretty cool. They give the bong 360 degree diffusion and are usually pricey. HERE


If you are looking to spend more than that on a bong then you have a lot of options to choose from.

Local American blown Glass is ideal if you have the money for it.

You can also check out a few glass shops HERE and HERE and HERE.


If you are interested in pipes, rigs, and vapes be sure to check out my other marijuana content too!!!!


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