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The Best Torch for Dabs

Looking to find the best torch for dabs out there? You sure don’t want to waste money or get something that doesn’t prove the test of time.

1. Blazer Gt8000 Big Shot

best torch for dabs

The blazer is our winner for the best torch for dabs. It is fairly expensive but you can expect it to outperform almost any other torch out there. It also has an amazing build quality that you can expect to last for a long time.

” features a strong and sturdy brass flame nozzle, detachable base and precision flame control. Piezo crystal instant ignition and state of the art engineering”

Blazer Big Shot Reviews


2. Vector Nitro


The Vector is a great torch and is praised by many. It is less durable than the Blazer but it comes with a lifetime warranty.

“You are not required to provide a proof of purchase in order to receive warranty service on any malfunctioning Vector lighters.  We will service the lighters regardless of the causes of malfunctioning”

Vector Nitro reviews


 3. Newport Zero


The Newport is of less quality than the other two and has a smaller flame. It is a very affordable option for those with a small budget.

“Child proof safety lock system, works at any angle, quick refill design”

Newport Zero reviews


4. Bed Bath and Beyond


You can get a really cheap Bed Bath and Beyond brand creme brulee torch that works for dabbing concentrate. The flame is not as hot as the others on this list but it will be able to heat up your nail. And the best part about these torches is that you have a lifetime warranty. When you bring a broken Bed Bath and Beyond torch into the store they will get a new one off the shelves for you to have for free.

Honestly I’d rather have the Newport Zero since it is the same price and has a bigger flame but many people love the warranty that comes with this one.


Propane VS Butane

Propane torches can be bought very cheaply at any hardware store and they last a long time. The problem is that propane burns much hotter than butane. So hot in fact that it can break/warp quartz, titanium, and ceramic nails.

If you are careful you can more than likely get away with using a propane torch, but is that something you are willing to risk?

Butane on the other hand, burns at a much more suitable temperature for dabbing.


And Don’t Forget…

You gotta purge your new torch (and before every refill) for it to work right!

When you first get your new torch it may have oxygen in the butane chamber. This can cause many problems for you if you don’t purge.

(only do this when torch is completely empty) To purge your torch, go outside or somewhere that’s well ventilated. Find the purge valve and use a pin or needle to hold down the valve until you can no longer hear anything coming out. Wait a couple minutes, then press the valve again for about a minute.

It really is that simple to purge a butane torch but it can make a world of a difference.


Please let us know in your opinion, what is the best torch for dabs !

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