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Best One Hitter for Weed Use

When purchasing a new one hitter for weed, I recommend staying away from metal ones because they tend to heat up when used which can burn your lips(my personal experience, maybe different with some). That’s why I always use glass one hitters now and I haven’t had that problem since.

One hitters are often sought after because they are very discrete and they save you from burning through sacks of weed too fast. This is due to the fact that you can torch the entire bowl leaving nothing to burn between hits because it is already ash by the end of each hit.

Some one hitters can also be used as joint holders too. This means you can smoke a joint all the way to the very end without burning your fingers. Although you could use a paper joint filter also called a crutch for the same effect.

This is one that can hold joints or be packed with weed:


The Purr “smokey” (more info)


You can also find one hitters that look like cigarettes from a distance. These ones are usually made from metal but their are glass variations.

Here is one that would only semi-pass as a cigarette, but man is it luxurious: and expensive.


Elevate Accessories out in CO (more info

This one looks more like a cigarette but it is metal. I warned you:


Rosewood (more info)

Another thing to consider when purchasing a new one hitter is style. I prefer art pieces over bland ones any day. And when choosing a style, it really comes down to what you like. SmokeCartel is just one of many shops to sell unique pieces but you should buy local glass if you can to support your community.

Here is some inspiration pieces that I think are dope:





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