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The Absolute Best Gravity Bong Bowl

Caution: Do not make a gravity bong bowl out of tinfoil/plastic. You will end up inhaling harmful fumes that could do long term damage. Even wrench sockets have been found to leach chromium which is known to cause Alzheimer’s diesease over time.

Your best bet is to get a legitimate gravity bong bowl that can provide you years of solid use. Here is a list of your best options:

1. AC Greebs

best bowl for gravity bong

Here is our favorite. It is made of surgical steel so you know their will be no fumes or chemicals that leach into your smoke. It’s also very durable (impossible to break).

All you have to do is stick it right into the bottle neck. The tapered design allows it to work for almost any bottle.

AC Greebs Reviews


2. BongCapt

waterfall bong bowl

This bowl does not have a tapered end so it will fit only a limited type of bottles. The only advantage of this option is that the price is a little bit lower.

BongCapt Reviews


3. Green Leaf

Gravity bong bowl

This is your cheapest option. It is prone to breaking, and will not fit large bottles. But if you have a small budget, it’ll get the job done!

Green Leaf Reviews


Why are gravity bongs so good?

Gravity bongs can pull smoke into the bong chamber much better than your lungs. The cannabis gets burned much hotter because of this and gets combusted more effectively.

Also, you don’t have to waste part of your breath on pulling smoke into the bong. With the gravity bong you have full lung capacity for inhaling the smoke.

Waterfall/Gravity bongs are one of the best ways to conserve your weed as well because you can get higher from small amounts.

Not sure how to make/use a gravity bong? Learn exactly how HERE